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Please use THIS thread for all posts relating to any items for sale or trade. "Commercial" posts are permitted, including services, providing that they relate to lasers and/ or holography. Remember to include your contact information and, if you sell your item, post that it has been sold so you do not continue to receive replies. To keep the forum manageable and readable, I will remove any main threads that are started for sale/trade items. If you have something to sell or trade, please post it here. Frank


Laiminor - Sun, Jun 24, 01 05:02:10 AM

Hi, I want to buy a hologram machine. Write with prices and describtions. Laimindor

Steve - Tue, Jun 26, 01 05:09:18 PM

Sure, I'll sell you a Mark XXIV Holomatic for only $750. Now do you have a good supply of Getrealium to power it? If not, my suppliers at Year Ight Co. could probably supply it to you. By the way, that was sarcasm. Theres no such thing as a 'hologram machine' Try actually READING the articles on this page to find out how to make holograms.

Colin - Tue, Jun 26, 01 10:18:23 PM

Laiminor, I would recomend you buy or borrow the book "Shoebox Holography". It will teach you how to make a simple hologram for very little money. When you need film Integraf sells small quantities of film. They are at: Good luck!

Colin - Wed, Jun 27, 01 01:58:58 AM

Here is the latest prices from Laser Reflections. To: Slavich Materials Buyers From: Bernadette Olson - Laser Reflections I have just updated my web site to reflect all the changes in product offering from Slavich. Please check it at your earliest convenience at I am still offering the same low prices. Actually if you find a lower price than shown on my price list, I will make every effort to meet it. I am now accepting orders for the summer and early fall. You can place your order now for delivery as late as September 15 and insure that you get all the materials you need in a timely manner. As always I keep stock on most items so that I can always cover your immediate needs. Feel free to call me if you have any question and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Sincerely, Bernadette Olson Laser Reflections 589 Howard St. San Francisco, CA 94105 Tel: 415-896-5958 Fax: 415-896-5171

Michael S - Fri, Jul 06, 01 02:05:23 PM

Hello, I am quite new to holography. I first saw some at a store in Florida while visiting Disney World. I have been quite fascinated ever since. I have been unable to find any hologram stores in the Seattle area of Washington. So I decided to try to make some as a hobby. I just ordered the Shoebox book and can't wait to get started. If anyone has any lenses, beamsplitter(prefer adjustable), film, plates (still usable please), laser, table, sorbothane or mirrors that they wouldn't mind parting with for a reasonable price please drop me an email at Or if you have links to where I can get a good deal that would be great. Tips on setup would also be a big help. Thanks in advance and thanks to Frank for this great page and forum.

Colin - Fri, Jul 06, 01 07:16:54 PM

Micheal S., Try for small quanties of film and a nice affordable laser. Try s01.html for inexpensive optics. If you are looking for spec.ed optics try Edmund Industrial Optics. Good Luck.

Jonathan - Thu, Sep 27, 01 01:10:08 PM

Does anyone have a spatial filter for sale, or know where one can be found in the "used" marketplace? (Any spec.)

Brian - Thu, Sep 27, 01 06:15:46 PM

I just got a Newport 910B spatial filter from Laser Surplus Sales. It's great! It's the second one I've bought. They have one more in stock for $300. Excellent deal if it has the right objective - I think the one they have remaining is a 10x because I took their 20x. -Brian

Jonathan - Mon, Oct 01, 01 10:28:25 PM

Brian, thanks - I think you're right. It's a good deal.

Stasys Zacharovas, - Tue, Nov 13, 01 04:15:43 AM

Hi Everybody, We at Geola just made a new web site devoted especially to our Turnkey Holographic Mini Studios - All community is invited to take a look. Any comments are appreciated. And here are the prices for studios and some options: GP-2J Holographic Mini-Studio - Complete system for the production of holograms of up to 40cm x 60cm - 68,000 Pounds Sterling. Large Format Option - GP-2J Upgrade for the production of holograms of up to 1m x 1.4m (fitted at order of GP-2J) - 24,500 Pounds Sterling. (fitted as retrofit) - 27,000 Pounds Sterling. GP-MINI Portable Holographic Mastering System - Complete system for the production of holographic masters in ambient light and at a remote location - 52,000 Pounds Sterling. Digital Option - GP-2J Upgrade for the production of a hologram from a 3D computer model or a 3D scanned image - 66,000 Pounds Sterling. All prices are CIP, any location in Europe

Stasys Zacharovas, - Wed, Nov 14, 01 03:26:21 AM

Sorry guys, I made a mistake in the name of web site - it is not Thanks to Colin Kaminski that spot this mistake. Best Regards, Stas.

Mike Nicksic - Wed, Nov 28, 01 12:08:26 PM

Just in: Large quantity DUPONT holographic film, series 500, 600 and 700 in rolls and sheets purchased at going-out-of-business sale from TERRASUN, Tucson, AZ (they made holographic solar collectors). Most of this material dates from 1998 and some packages are partially consumed. The company technician assures the material was properly stored. They discontinued using film media when they began to coat their glass plates directly. Also: SpectraPhysics 3400 laser, Trimedyne Omniphase 900 laser, some SP dye laser stuff: reservoir, recurculator, etc. One open box, 8-foot gold flourescent lamps. Interested parties please email Mike Nicksic at to request particulars.

Colin - Wed, Nov 28, 01 12:29:22 PM

Mike, Your e-mail does not seem to work. Please contact me at Thank you.

Yavuz Nak - Fri, Dec 21, 01 12:37:20 PM

hi, I hava a printing center in Turkey and want to bring this holography technology to my company. hence I want to get information about holograpy machines and their prices.

Colin Kaminski - Fri, Dec 21, 01 08:42:12 PM

Yavus Nak, Look at: This is a good price for what you get. Otherwise you need to build your own. Also there is holographic parer your can use to print traditionally. Good luck.

Jomie Leung - Tue, Feb 05, 02 09:14:10 PM

We offer the hologram products. We located in HK. We produce the hologram labels to our clients worldwide. Please visit Please email your contact detail, quantity, artwork to for quote. Thank you

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Li Chao - Sat, Dec 28, 02 07:59:22 AM

We are looking for rainbow film (or board) or holographic PET film (or board).Good providers please fax or mail to contract with us: +86 (0) 873 6196476

Arya Ettehad Co. Seyed Mohsen Masoumi - Mon, Feb 10, 03 09:37:39 AM

Dear Sir We take this opportunity to introduce our company as a leading one in advertising, recently being faced with a lot of orders concerning different kinds of holographic labels. Since we can not take care of all of them we are looking for a company to execute these orders for us, means to produce holographic labels for us and to send them to Tehran. If the prices plus transportation and other incurred expenses can compete with the present prices here in Tehran, we can start a very good and big business with each other which, can be beneficial for both of us. Pleas if possible let us know about the following: 1- A comprehensive price list for different kinds of holographic labels including but not limited to Dot Matrix, 3D, pseudo etc 2- Manner of payment. 3- The needed time for one order to be completed and sent back to us in Tehran. 4- Whether the patterns and designs for the labels can be sent through web. 5- The needed documents and authorization for printing such labels for companies and owners of industries. 6- Whether we can represent your company as a sole agency in Tehran or not. And if possible please send us some samples of your products to below address. For your information a 1X1 cm hologram is being delivered to end user here in Tehran approximately for about 1.5 cents when the number of order is between 50 to 100 thousands or more. If there were any thing you would like to know about our company, the market of this product in Iran etc please feel free in contacting us through any of the following means. Looking for your nice and prompt reply I remain. Sincerely yours S.M.Masoumi Managing Director Arya Ettehad Co. No. 9 flate No. 1 Shahid Beheshti St. Shahid Sarafraz (ex-Daryaeh Nour ) St. Tehran 158687541 Islamic Rep. Of Iran Tel: +98-21-6460839 Tel/Fax:+98-21-8731796 Tel/Fax:+98-21-6412256 E- Mail :

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