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On: Fri, Jul 06, 01 04:07:31 PM

Michael wrote:

Hello I am just getting started on making holograms and I wanted to see if anyone has any related equipment for sale. I am looking for a any equipment to make a multibeam white light reflection display hologram. Links to pages that sell these items also would be great. Need: 8 - 2"x2" Front surface mirrors 4 - 4"x5" Front surface mirrors 1 - x20 Objective (Diverging lense) Wish list: 3 - Green safelights 1 - Laser 1 - Adjustable beamsplitter 1 - 6" Parabolic mirror 1 - Spatial filter 1 - VOM with solar cell Any mounts (optical, laser, film, plate holder)

RESPONSES - Tue, Jul 10, 01 01:53:59 AM

my name is sean. I have no idea if you would be interested, but I have 2 lasers I would be interested in selling. Their made by: "Spectra-Physics" Model # 0117-7005 800-182-001 I think their 3.0mw Please e-mail me at if you are interested.

Eric E. - Sun, Jul 22, 01 11:37:01 PM

Hey, try looking on, thats where I get all of my stuff from. I won an auction for a 10 mw hene lab laser for $65.00. If you look, there are some good deals on it

Ray R. - Thu, Aug 02, 01 01:21:33 PM

Hi, I have a Sony Projector im intrested in selling. It's model VPH-10410, color video projector. It takes 120V at 3A. It has 3 large lenses, one producing red, the 2nd, blue, and the 3rd, yellow. It has video and audio input. I have thested it with a ccd camera. It works great. Everything seems to be working. The unit can be mounted to the ceiling, or can be made to be used on the ground. These were manufactured in the early 90's, origianally costing several thousand dollars. If you are interested, want to know more, or want to see a picture, e-mail me at I am asking very little, $175. The price is negotiable.

Stasys Zacharovas, - Tue, Nov 13, 01 04:23:57 AM

Hi Everybody, We at Geola just made a new web site devoted especially to our Turnkey Holographic Mini Studios - All community is invited to take a look. Any comments are appreciated. And here are the prices for studios and some options: GP-2J Holographic Mini-Studio - Complete system for the production of holograms of up to 40cm x 60cm - 68,000 Pounds Sterling. Large Format Option - GP-2J Upgrade for the production of holograms of up to 1m x 1.4m (fitted at order of GP-2J) - 24,500 Pounds Sterling. (fitted as retrofit) - 27,000 Pounds Sterling. GP-MINI Portable Holographic Mastering System - Complete system for the production of holographic masters in ambient light and at a remote location - 52,000 Pounds Sterling. Digital Option - GP-2J Upgrade for the production of a hologram from a 3D computer model or a 3D scanned image - 66,000 Pounds Sterling. All prices are CIP, any location in Europe

Colin Kaminski - Tue, Nov 13, 01 10:18:19 PM

Actually the URL is:

Stasys Zacharovas, - Wed, Nov 14, 01 03:27:17 AM

Sorry guys, I made a mistake in the name of web site - it is not Thanks to Colin Kaminski that spot this mistake. Best Regards, Stas.

Ken Booth - Wed, Dec 05, 01 11:35:47 PM

This would be great information. I would like to start up a small business and manufacturer item's for corporations. When can I purchase equipment and supplies to make 3D holograms?

Stasys Zacharovas - Fri, Dec 07, 01 12:14:05 PM

Ken, If you are based in USA - you can buy our equipment from Forth Dimension Holographics 90 W. Washington St. PO Box 259 Nashville, Indiana USA 47448 Tel: (812) 988-8212 Fax: (812) 988-8618 E-mail: Web Site: If you are in Europe - Geola Technologies Ltd. Shaw House, Pegler Way, Crawley, West Sussex, RH11 1AF, United Kingdom Tel:+44 1293 763 078 Fax:+44 1293 527 202 E-mail: Web Site:

nazia samsodien - Tue, Jan 15, 02 07:29:51 AM

Hello, Iam looking to buy 2000 hologram projectors. If you can respond to me as soon as possible I will appreciate it. Thanking you nazia

Borislav Popov - Mon, Jan 28, 02 11:55:55 AM

Nazia, Specify your requirements for the projectors. I could help you probably. My e-mail is

Universidad San Francisco - Mon, Sep 09, 02 06:07:02 PM

We need to buy URGENT a hologram projector, Please contac us at

Bryan Hennihan - Wed, Oct 09, 02 09:59:08 AM

I am interested in the schematics of a hologram projector. Would anyone please inform me as to where I might find the blueprints? Thanks! - Sun, Oct 20, 02 09:53:24 PM

I am looking for a hologram projector or equiptment that will prokect a live image. Thanks - Sun, Oct 20, 02 09:55:52 PM

Sorry about the spelling looking for projector that will project a live image.

Indrajit Aikat - Mon, Nov 04, 02 09:21:30 AM

I am looking for a Cheap Hologram Mastering Lab - second hand acceptable - price within US$60000 Turn-Key. To be installed in Calcutta , India Please send offers by E Mail to

Ferret - Thu, Nov 14, 02 11:50:27 AM

Hi. I'm interested in holograms and projectors or anything that can transmit or recive and then project a hologram. I am also interested in lasers and any other gadgets that you have or know about. If you have anything that you could sell me it should include postage and shipping as I am in the UK. Please email me at if you know of anything. Ferret

Kanwal - Wed, Nov 20, 02 08:00:33 AM

I would like to start up a small business producing portrait holagrams. please help

Gohan752001 - Sat, Dec 21, 02 09:50:51 AM

I want to make a hologram projector in my basement and i need to know what i have to get to make it. If you know what you need to make one please e-mail me at Thanks

Jake Hyer - Thu, Feb 13, 03 09:57:45 AM

I am trying to build a hologram projector.

Mikey - Tue, Feb 18, 03 12:38:50 PM

Hi I'm mikey I am 12 years old and want to by a good video hologram projecter for something I'm making, so I geuss I should start saving up more if someones not giving away one.

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