HoloTalk New Season

On: Mon, Jul 09, 01 11:20:42 PM

Frank DeFreitas wrote:

After a rather long absence, I'm getting ready to start a new season of HoloTalk. I'm interested in what topics and/or guests you all would like to listen to on the show. Any program suggestions? Frank


Steve - Tue, Jul 10, 01 01:06:58 AM

Maglev :D

Colin - Tue, Jul 10, 01 11:09:35 AM

Wow there are so many. Trouble shooting holography set ups. Steve Benton Ron Olson (Laser Reflections in SF) Graham Saxby (he is planning the 3rd edition of his book) Teaching holography Elementry physical processes useful to the holographer. (I found your explination of finding the brewsters angle very useful and easy to understand) Spring to mind right away.

Vidar - Thu, Jul 12, 01 04:00:27 AM

If you could get an interview with Graham Saxby that would really be something. Colin, do your know anything more about his third book? I thought he had retired when he completed his second edition, the best holographic book I have ever seen. Anybody reading this, just go get it!

Colin - Thu, Jul 12, 01 11:22:36 AM

Vidar, I have been trying to get his book since you recommended it. Here is the last e-mail he sent me: Dear Colin Sorry about the delay in replying: I have been away. The British publishers tell me there are no further copies of Practical Holography left, and they have returned the copright to me, so can go ahead with a third edition. This will be published by the Institute of Physics Publishing, probably in about nine months, depending on how long it takes me to get all the new material together. So if you can get a copy of the second edition on loan from an academic library that would be the best. There is nothing out of date about the do-it-yourself side except that you can't get Agfa materials any more. All the processing formulas work equally well with Slavich and BB materials, but the emulsions are softer than Agfa. You can get materials from Tung Jeong at Lake Forest. Best wishes Graham

Kris Meerlo - Sun, Jul 15, 01 01:05:24 PM

Hello Frank, Some subjects. The future off holography. Laser and chemical safety. We will send you pictures off home made holograms wich you can show on your homepage. Laserdiode electronics ( Home build powersource ) diagrams.

Ray - Thu, Aug 02, 01 01:24:01 PM

Maybe something on the theory of the holographic brain?

Colin - Tue, Oct 23, 01 01:10:18 PM

Vidar, Here is the latest on Graham's book: Dear Dr Kaminski You are correct we shall be publishing the new edition of Graham Saxby's book Practical Holography, but this is only just underway - the book is unlikely to be available until early 2003 as Graham is writing the updated material now. We shall keep your details on file and notify you when the book is available. with best wishes Nicki Dennis Nicki Dennis Head of Book Publishing Institute of Physics Publishing 'Serving authors, supporting physics' nicki.dennis@iop.org (44) 0 117 930 1146 (Direct) Visit bookmarkphysics.iop.org for details of all our books

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