Resource for Holographic Plates

On: Sun, Jul 15, 01 12:53:05 PM

Thomas Pietruszka wrote:

Hi Folks! I just stumbled into a web site that offers holographic plates for sale; they (i.e., the plates) look like they might be very similar to the HRT BB plates that we were using. The web site is Yves Gentet's Holography Web Site (in France). His site offer both films and glass plates... and also offers different formats by which they are processed (depending on your recording preferences). They take Visa and ship internationally. It looks like a quantity of 18 plates (4x5 inch) sells (without shipping) for around $128 (U.S. dollars). The plates are supposed to work well with Denisuk processes. Nice nm ranges provided! The web site address is: Take Care! Tom


Xavier - Wed, Nov 07, 01 12:31:56 PM

Hello, I have tried Ultimate film and plates (several size and sensitisation) and I can say you it is actually the better material for holography. now it is 149 euro (=135 $)for 18 4*5 plates.

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