On: Wed, Jul 18, 01 11:12:04 AM

Colin Kaminski wrote:

Does anyone have a copy of Practical Holography 2nd Edition by Graham Saxby for sale? Also what other books would people recommend?


John K - Wed, Jul 18, 01 11:04:40 PM

Try a search on some of the used book web sites. I got to view a copy by getting it through inter libary loan. I hope another edition comes out soon. Another book I got through interlibery loan is Silver halide recording materials and their processing by Hans Bjelkhagen, published by Springer- verlag, 2nd ed 1996. It goes into film/plate making, detailed theory of holographic film, and the formula for many developers and bleaches and more. a lot of the theory I skipped. But it had a lot of information I haven't seen else where.

Colin - Fri, Jul 27, 01 08:55:58 PM

Thank you John. I have not had much luck with the used book stores. I am still searching. I have a US and a English book store performaing a old fashioned search. I was able to find the first edition so I ordered it. I'll have to keep searching for the second edition. I would love to read Silver Halide... but I don't have much of a chemistry background. I am working on a project for a company that has me learning about water. I thought distilled water was pure! Maybe in a few months.

Colin - Mon, Aug 13, 01 10:20:53 PM

I recently received Practical Holography 1st Edition by Graham Saxby. I am glad I did not wait for the 3rd edition to come out. What a wonderful text. I highly recommend it. Thanks to Vidar and Jonathan for telling me about it.

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