Retiring the neon helum laser

On: Sun, Jul 22, 01 02:50:45 PM

John K wrote:

I ran a test strip on a newly bought laser pointer, an infinitor 200, and got excellent results. This was the third cheapo laser pointer I bought, The first two just didn't work. The first time I used it I got brighter images than I ever got with the neon helum laser. I do have a question. The pointer runs on 3 small button batteries. I want to convert to AA, C, or D battries. I know I have to watch the voltage, but what about current values? is current regulation done by the current limitation of the small button themselves? or can I go with larger batteries that can produce a higher current? By the way, thanks for the responses to my earler questions, this forum has really been a help.


John Klayer - Sun, Jul 22, 01 06:15:06 PM

I used "el cheapos" with 3 C cells - no problem.

Colin Kaminski - Mon, Jul 23, 01 11:54:50 PM

I use 3 d cells with no problem. The internal circuit seems to limit current. I get much better life with the d-cells. - Tue, Nov 13, 01 01:34:22 AM

dear sir, I am interested in neon helum laser, would you pleas help me I find the information or article about that. your prompt response would be highly apreciated. Sincerely yours, F.Navidi

Denis Behan - Mon, Jun 17, 02 09:49:53 AM

Where can you obtain infinitor laser pointers?

John K - Fri, Jun 21, 02 11:08:21 PM

I found that hosfelt electronics inc. is about the cheapest for the infiniter 200, $5.95 plus shipping.

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