Spatial Filter

On: Mon, Jul 30, 01 11:58:43 AM

Colin Kaminski wrote:

John Klayer was nice enough to send me a plan to build a spatial filter and I am starting to build it. I have a couple of questions before I start. What size pinhole would I use with a D&S Laser? I am going to use a 10x and a 40x objective to start with (Thank you for the advice Vidar) but I don't know what dimension of the beam I should use for the calculations. Since the beam is 3 to 1 elliptical do I use the major axis or the minor axis or an average? Secondly, Is there an inexpensive source for pinholes? I usually find things at Edmund are twice what I pay if I shop around. TIA


Michael S - Tue, Jul 31, 01 02:33:12 AM

If anyone is interested I think I can get spatial filters for around $60.00 used. Do I need one of these or anything else with a laser diode on a small 4'x4' table for white light reflection holograms? I'm assuming it will brighten up the hologram. Let me know if you need a filter. My email is

Colin - Sat, Aug 25, 01 02:30:08 AM

I decided I would like to circularize the beam before the spatial filter so I am passing it through a 75 mm cylindrical lens and a 25 mm cylindrical lens. I gets me close to circular. Within 3% I think. Now I just need to make a spatial filter ...

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