Wavelength & Hologram Brightness

On: Mon, Aug 06, 01 02:45:05 PM

Brian wrote:

I'm curious what people's opinions are on using the laser diodes in the 650-658nm range are compared with the shorter wavelength ones. It seems that all of the 35mw diodes run at 650-658nm, but I'm wondering if my holograms will look better with a 15mw laser at 640nm instead. Is the perceived brightness of a reflection hologram made at 658nm really that much brighter than one made with a 640nm one? -Brian


Colin - Mon, Aug 06, 01 08:13:00 PM

You can shift the replay wavelength of a reflection hologram to any desired frequency with your processing.

Ray R - Tue, Aug 07, 01 01:44:57 AM

prensensitize with TEA.

Colin - Tue, Aug 07, 01 10:22:54 AM

Or with pfg-01 the exposure time controls the playback frequency. For transmision holograms you are stuck with the lasers frequency. Since the usual use for a transmision hologram is in h1 to h2 copies I have not found this to be a problem since the h2 is often a rainbow hologram or a reflection hologram.

Charles - Thu, Jan 24, 02 03:10:15 AM

Colin, I have never heard of PFG-01 changing it's re-play wavelength with different exposure times, please let me know where you saw this. 991237254@nu.ac.za

Colin - Thu, Jan 24, 02 10:24:56 PM

Charles, It is a regular exercise in my studio, but, I believe it is the bleach in the JD-2 developing sequence. It is the method Dr. Jeong recomends for JD-2. I think it removes all of the developed silver causing the emultion to shrink. I would have to reread the chapter on bleaching in Silver-Halide Recording Materials to know for sure. If you really want me to email me at colinsk@pacbell.net and I will research it further.

Thilo K. - Sat, Feb 16, 02 05:50:52 PM

Colin, you´re right; the replay wavelengh is increased indeed. I think that is a problem owing to the image´s brightness: exposure time influences the brightness - so can i ever make a green _and_ bright hologram ?

Ben - Mon, Feb 17, 03 12:48:48 AM

I'm extremely interested in holography. Just wondering if anyone would be willing to help a guy get started. What kind of equipment would I need?(basics). Any help would be greatly apprecited!? Thanks! Ben crazy93446@tcsn.net

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