Holographic Portraits on HoloTalk

On: Mon, Aug 20, 01 09:46:03 AM

Frank DeFreitas wrote:

Hello everyone. Beginning with the new 2001 season of HoloTalk (September), I am going to do a series of shows on producing do-it-yourself holographic portraits -- using your 35mm camera and your laser pointers or diode laser systems. I will keep it in a simple, step-by-step format . . . similar to how I journaled my experiments with laser diodes. This time, each entry will have the addition of an instructional audio presentation to go along with it. Each presentation will be a bi-weekly session -- allowing ample time to follow step-by-step along with the process. There will be a separate forum for discussion and sharing information along the way as well. While certainly not producing the results of pulsed-laser portrait work -- I think that you will be very happy with your results of this system/process . . . and so will those you do the portraits of. If done accurately and carefully, it produces very nice 4 x 5 portraits of people, pets, products and even outdoor locations and objects (such as cars, etc.). The holograms produce very good depth, but they are limited somewhat in parallax. The striking 3-dimensional effect more than offsets this, however. Simple motion CAN be included, such as the winking of an eye or making a smile. There are not enough individual slits to produce more complex fluid motion, but if you would wish to do this, all you will have to do is increase the number of slit exposures on your master (we will begin with a minimum of 8 -- I have found that this gives great depth and dimensionality, while not creating an overwhelming amount of work). I hope that everyone enjoys this series of HoloTalk shows. Frank


Colin Kaminski - Mon, Aug 20, 01 10:44:30 PM

Sounds great! I can't wait. :-)

Vidar - Wed, Aug 22, 01 06:21:34 AM

I look forward to this Frank, I am planning to set up a small hobby setup for this too, using a PC for controlling the digital camera, the stepper motors for camera movement and slit as well as the LCD and shutter for the laser. I already have the Cannon camera capable of remote control from the PC, rails and steppers, but I will need to build another master table for this since I do not want to re- arrange my table all the time. I look forward to learn from your results, hopefully I can avoid some pitfalls this way. Good luck Frank, keep up the good work!!

Colin - Thu, Aug 30, 01 03:06:45 PM

Frank, Any news on the first show date? Colin

Frank - Tue, Oct 02, 01 12:01:29 AM

I have been on the road for two weeks and have one left to go. I'm going to start up the new season right after getting back . . . probably for Monday, Oct. 8th. Frank

Tom B. - Fri, Nov 02, 01 02:15:39 AM

Any updates on when this might actually start and where to look for it? I've been assuming that something would show up on the holotalk page or in the archives ...

Colin - Mon, Nov 12, 01 09:59:41 AM

The first show is online! I listened to it last night. It sounds like a fun project. Frank also started another forum to support just this project.

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