Question about holographic film Red Star

On: Thu, Sep 13, 01 03:33:44 PM

Francesco Arcidiacono wrote:

Hello, I have acquired Red Start Ultra (red sensitive) holographic film and I wish to know if is possible to use AGFA RODINAL and AGEFIX to processing this film. If these product don't work, which other products could I use to process this film?


Colin - Thu, Sep 13, 01 10:46:49 PM

I am not familiar with Rodinal or Agefix do you know the formulations?

Mariana - Fri, Sep 14, 01 03:00:16 PM

Hello, I just got the same film, and Im developing with pyrochrome with good results: Sol. A 15 gr. Pyrogallol (careful!) 5 gr. metol (4'methylaminophenol) 1 lt. H2O Sol. B 30 gr. sodium Carbonate 7 gr. Potasium Hidroxide 1 lt. H2O see good luck

Francesco Arcidiacono - Sun, Sep 16, 01 07:45:03 AM

Thanks Mariana.

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