holography endwork

On: Tue, Sep 25, 01 02:34:18 PM

tomaugustijns@hotmail.com wrote:

I'm a 18 years old student industrial science. I'm going to make an endwork about holography. My question to you is if you can send me technic background information. I'm going to make a book about holography. With text, figures, formules... everything is welcome. thanks tomaugustijns@hotmail.com


Colin Kaminski - Fri, Sep 28, 01 02:03:04 PM

There is a great deal of information about making holograms already available. If you would like to truely make a contribution to the art/science of making holograms it will involve doing your own research and experiments and developing new techniques. We are in a wonderful time in making holograms. The greatest discoveries will be made in the next 50 years.

Kris Meerlo - Sat, Sep 29, 01 11:12:48 AM

Look at this site www.fou.uib.no/fd/1996/h/404001/index.htm Succes,

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