On: Fri, Oct 05, 01 05:35:16 PM

Eduardo P. wrote:

Hello, I would like receive the best help from you. So I am not expert in this area. I want to create holograms in 3 Dimensions. My idea is to make animated images in 3D of any size possible. I want to project them indoors and outdoors. If anyone has any related idea of which equipments do I have to buy and where? I shall appreciate... I would like also if you inform if anyone links me to pages that sell these kind of equipment. I am looking for a any equipment to make a multibeam white light reflection display hologram. Links to pages that sell these items also would be great.


amanda - Wed, Oct 31, 01 09:25:22 PM

hello i am a light artist working in liverpool i had to respond eduado with the message ME TOO! i have been looking to find nfo of the same... to no avail... lets hope some advice will come soon.

Colin Kaminski - Wed, Oct 31, 01 10:08:38 PM

This question is far too broad to answer in this forum. For a overview of the technology available please read "Optical Holography, Second Edition" by P. Hariharan. For a hands on manual of holography try "Holography Handbook" by F. Unterseher. Holography is a very new field and is about the stage of development of a pinhole camera. There are things we all would like to do but no one has figured out a way to do it yet. It would be nice to buy a holographic printer or something but the truth is each person in the field has to invent thier own. At least in the 21st century we can purchase good lasers. 30 years ago you would have to build your own laser as well.

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