Using AGFA 8E75 & 10E75 plates.

On: Mon, Nov 05, 01 06:46:43 PM

Saśl Ramos wrote:

I'm interested in begining in holography, but I ignore the sensibility of my plates. The plates which I have are AGFA 8E75 & AGFA 10E75. I think that they are sensible to red, but I'm not sure. Any one knows it? What substances can I use to process them? I'll thank anybody who helps me!


Colin Kaminski - Mon, Nov 05, 01 09:58:35 PM

I noticed you posted this before. I was hoping someone with more experience with AGFA was going to answer. I have very limited experience with the AGFA materials. If I was going to use AGFA this is what I would try first. First 8e75 and 10e75 are both red sensitive. 8e75 is about 10 times more sensitive than 10e75. 10e75AH has a backing and can only be used for transmision holograms. For Transmision Holograms: Develop with GP61 for 2 minutes: Metol 6g Hydroquinone 7g Phenidone .8g Sodium Sulfite (Anhydrous) 30g Sodium Carbonate 60g Potassium Bromide 2g Tetrasodium EDTA 1g Distilled Water 1L Rinse for 5 minutes Bleach with PBQ-2 till clear: p-Benzoquinone 2g Citric Acid 15g Potassium Bromide 50g Distilled Water 1L Rinse for 5 minutes. Soak in Photo-flo and let dry. For Reflection Holograms try: Develop with GP-62 for 2 minutes: Part A: Metol 15g Pyrogallol 7g Sodium Sulfite (anhydrous) 20g Potasium Bromide 4g Tetra sodium EDTA 2g Distilled Water 1L Part B: Sodium Carbonate 60g Distilled Water 1L Mix Part A and Part B with 2 parts distilled water as needed. The developer will only last for a couple of hours once parts A and B are mixed. Rinse for 5 minutes. Bleach with PBQ-2 as above. Rinse for 5 minutes. Soak in photo-flo and let air dry. A good alternitave to GP62 is CW-C2: Part A: Catachol 20g Asorbic Acid 10g Sodium Sulfite (anhydrous) 10g Urea 100g Distilled Water 1L Part B: Sodium Carbonate 60g Distilled Water 1L Mix A and B just before developing. These chemicals are available from Photographers Formulary. These may not be the best available materials but they should work well. I hope this helps.

Colin - Mon, Nov 05, 01 10:40:10 PM

I guess I should say "These may not be the best solutions...". I am certain that Photagraphers Formulary provides only the finest materials. :-)

Vidar Hegdal - Tue, Nov 06, 01 03:13:34 AM

Hello, One note - the 10e75 has a lower resoloution and can not be used for reflection holograms, 8e75 can be used for both reflections and transmissions. If your 10e75 is marked NAH they are without black backing but must still be used for transmissions only. 10e75 should be used is a very very dim green safelight. In fact, working with 8e75 is better, you will also get better transmissions with 8e75. Good luck, Vidar

Tung H. Jeong - Tue, Nov 06, 01 07:09:53 AM

Integraf still has some 8E75 plates! See

Saśl Ramos - Wed, Nov 07, 01 07:05:35 PM

Thanks, Colin & Vidar. I'll take on account your comments! Votre ami, Saśl Ramos

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