Driver Schematic and Parts List

On: Mon, Nov 12, 01 10:48:22 PM

Karl wrote:

Does anyone have any good resources for schematics for driver circuits for a 30mW diode?


Colin Kaminski - Tue, Nov 13, 01 12:25:04 AM

For a prebuilt circuit try: They are over designed and I have used them above the rated outputs.

Karl - Tue, Nov 13, 01 04:50:53 PM

Before I begin let me start by saying that my electronics knowledge is very limited. Using one of the above circuits by NGV would I have to limit the input voltage to the driver to recommended voltage of the particular diode. For example I couldn't just use a 9 volt DC wall adapter. I would need to place a voltage regulator in the circuit to limit the voltage down to say 2.7 volts (if that is the recommendedd voltage for that diode). Correct?

Colin - Tue, Nov 13, 01 10:15:08 PM

The input voltages are listed in the specs. You want to be above the voltage of the diode because there is some drop in the circuit. An important thing is to make sure there is no ripple in the input voltage. I would recommend using batteries. Also make sure to check out the pinout and match it to your diode. Don't laugh, I tried this from memory once and was wrong. Not all diodes work for holography. The lower the wavelength the more likely they are to mode hop. I am sure this will get better soon but as of 6/1/1 that was the case. It is important to never overpower a diode. It will destroy it's high power ability. Without a power meter it is hard to know when you are starting to get to the edge. That is what is nice about Frank's circuit, no adjustments.

Karl - Tue, Dec 25, 01 10:23:44 PM

Well I finally built my own driver for my mitsubishi 30w laser diode. I learned a few things in the process too. I probably have about $7 in parts tied up in it. It works GREAT!

Nevo - Thu, Jan 03, 02 11:57:37 PM

Karl, What circuit did you build? Can you provide links? Frank's kit seems to be very well received, but sure is pricey.

mon mon - Mon, Dec 09, 02 10:45:03 AM

helo! hehehhe viva mapua

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