Bacteriorhodopsin Holograms??

On: Sat, Dec 01, 01 02:42:18 PM

Jake wrote:

Did any of you ever hear of this protein (bacteriorhodopsin) found in the membrane of a halobacterium halobium? It's main function it to transport ions over the cell membrane. When it does this it goes through a photocycle. But most importantly, you can expose it to a red, green, or blue laser during specific phases in its cycle and it sends it into two different phases, depending upon which lasers you have exposed it to. Then these two phases could be used in computers to represent binary 0 and 1. But anyway......i was wondering, could i record a hologram on bactriorhodopsin film? Almost like a transmission or reflection. Or would it involve a computer? Well if anyone knows anything about it, please contact me at!! I'm very interested in this protein and would like to learn more!


Victor Chan - Mon, Nov 11, 02 10:12:12 AM

Jake, have a look at this paper.

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