Agfa 8E75HD with Kodak D-19 & R10 bleach

On: Mon, Dec 03, 01 12:15:14 PM

Lindsley wrote:

Hello. I'm using the 8E75HD film (I have many of them) with kodak D-19 developer and R-10 bleach, and the results are not very bright (35mw HeNe and D&S laser). The Cathecol is very expensive here in Brazil, and i'm looking for alternatives. Do you have anyone? Thank you very much.


Colin Kaminski - Mon, Dec 03, 01 09:12:30 PM

See the post: Using AGFA 8E75 & 10E75 plates. On: Mon, Nov 05, 01 06:46:43 PM

- Fri, Dec 21, 01 07:51:47 PM

Use RCA with EDTA bleach

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