Alternative for pyrogallol

On: Fri, Dec 21, 01 04:42:30 PM

Jean Dufrasne wrote:

Hello everybody, I'm looking for an alternative for pyrogallol, I'll use Red Star emulsion to make reflexion holograms. Lot of documentation present formula with pyrogallol. My question is : Is there an alternative for pyrogallol ? Can I use classical developer product (for BW film) ? If yes, which one ? Thanks in advance.


Colin Kaminski - Sun, Dec 23, 01 05:01:29 PM

I don't use Red Star but here are some ideas: GP-9 Phenidone .026 g Hydroquinone .665 g Anhydrous Sodium Sulfite 13 g Potassium Hydroxide 1.38 g Ammonium Thiocyanate 3.12g Distilled Water 1 L GP-61 - transmission Distilled Water 700cc Metol 6 g Hydroquinone 7 g Phenidone .8g anhydrous sodium Sulfite 30g Anhydrous Sodium Carbonate 60 g Potassium Bromide 2 g Sequesterine Agent 1 g Water to make 1 L GP-62 - reflection (use Bleach) Part A Distilled Water 700 cc Metol 15 g Pyrogallol 7 g Anhydrous Sodium Sulfite 20 g Potassium Bromide 4 g Sequestrene Agent 2 g Water to make 1 L Part B Distilled Water 700 cc Anhydrous Carbonate 60 g Water to make 1 L Kodak D-8 Ascorbic Acid 18g Sodium Hydroxide 12 g Sodium Phosphate Dibasic 28.4 g Distilled water 1 L Just before use add Phenidone .5 g Bleaches Transmission bleach Water 1 L Potassium Ferocyanide 1 tablespoon Potassium Bromide 1 tablespoon or Cupric Bromide 1 tablespoon (not both!) Reflection bleach water 1 L potassium Bromide 30 g Borax 15 g Potassium dichromate 2 g Just before use add PBQ (p-benzoquinone) 2 g (good for 15 minutes) PBQ Water 1 L Mercuric Chloride 1 tablespoon Potassium Bromide 1 tablespoon or Water 1 L Potassium Bromide 30 g Boric Acid 1.5 g PBQ 2 g Good for only 15 minutes! or Sulphric acid 1 g potassium Bromide 5g Methyl Paraben 2g Hydrogen Peroxide 4 g (you have to figure the weight of the Hydrogen peroxide in you solution!) Potassium Alum 5g (hardener) PBQ 1 g Phenosafranine 1g (desensitizer) GP-431 Bleach Water 600 cc Ferric Nitrate 8-hydrate 150 g Potassium Bromide 30 g Dissolve .3 g of Phenosafranine in 250 cc of methanol and then add. Water to make 1 L Dilute 4 parts water to 1 part gp-431 before use.

Jean Dufrasne - Mon, Dec 24, 01 01:27:45 AM

Colin, Thank you so much for the formulas. Now, I have a lot of them to test the best one. Seems that you have one of the more prolific writer on this forum (even on yahoo :-) ) Have you a web site to show your realisations or your lab ? If not, I can help you if you want. Just send me your email and I'll contact you if you are interesting. I'm a web programmer and I can design you web site (static or dynamic) if you want. Best regards. Jean

Colin - Mon, Dec 24, 01 06:51:46 AM

Thank you Jean. Since I don't have a digital camera I have very little content for a web site. Perhaps in 2002.

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