JD-4 for pfg-o3m film

On: Wed, Dec 26, 01 12:59:08 AM

Dooley wrote:

Has anyone used the new JD-4 developer for pfg-03? It claims to make the film as sensitive as pfg-01 I am just curious to see if their claims are acurate and if it effects the final quality of the hologram compaired to those developed in the traditional GP-2 developer.


Tom B. - Sat, Dec 29, 01 07:24:51 PM

Have not heard of this one - where did you see it? Sounds too good to be true, but it would be nice if so.

Dooley - Sun, Dec 30, 01 12:10:32 PM

Integraf sent it with my Christmas present they do not sell GP-2 anymore but only sell JD-4 they claim that they will phase out GP-2 eventualy. I havn't used it yet cause I still have some GP-2 but soon I will try it out and see what happens. In the instructions they say that it is a modified version of bb-640 developer consisting of a two part developer and bleach it also says that you only nead to develop for thirty seconds to one minute with sensitivity equal to that of pfg o1!! will just have to see next time I am in my laboritory.

Colin Kaminski - Sun, Dec 30, 01 05:57:55 PM

I am told there will be a paper published in Jan. And then this will all be public information.

Dooley - Tue, Jan 22, 02 01:52:30 AM

Finaly got around to doing a hologram on a 4X5 plate, and used the jd-4 developer. Using the D&S laser with the 35mW diode I exposed for about one second then developed the pfg-03 plate using the JD-4. This is less than a third of what I was exposing the 2.5 in plates. A hologram did turn out but it was a very deep red, and not very bright. I may have underexposed the plate. I havn't had much experience with the pfg-o3 plates so I am asking those with experience if a deep red with these plates means underexposure? If so I was also underexposing the 2.5 In. plates as well with a three second exposure with the gp-2 developer. My next trial will be to expose for three seconds and develop with the JD-4. Considering that I switched from a 2.5 in to a 4X5 in. plate and cut the time by three and got a very compairable hologram JD-4 does increase the sensitivity of the film. It also cuts the development time down to a few minutes, as well as having a separate bleach which alows for a clear plate after bleaching. If anyone else has been using this dev. please give some guidelines for the final color of the hologram ie. deep red- underexposed?

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