How to make 3D hologram stickers

On: Mon, Dec 31, 01 07:31:00 AM


I would like to know how to make 3d hologram stickers. If anyone knows how using low cost equipments please let me know.


Colin Kaminski - Mon, Dec 31, 01 01:46:05 PM

The equipment to make the stickers you are used to is very expensive. If you wanted to make a small run using silver halide film it would cost you very little in equipment but each sticker would be very expensive. If you go with traditional sticker manufacture the mastering costs range from $1500 to $10000. Then a run of 100,000 stickers would be pennies each. The machine would be an easy $1,000,000 for the equipment, software and room. If you work in silver halide you could make a simple set up for about $100 and you could get film for about $1.40 per square inch. Each exposure would take about 1/2 hour to make and develop. With some experience and some more investment you could get the time down to minutes to make and process each exposure.

jordy la forge - Thu, Dec 12, 02 11:41:17 AM

i over heard Data speaking to picard and i think he said that if you just increase the flux on your i-sticker you can acheive a perfect replica of a 20th century Earth hologram... to think...their holograms were on stickers!!! haha well im glad we live in the future.

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