Happy NewYear from The Holography eGroup

On: Fri, Jan 04, 02 09:06:07 AM

Allan Holm Thomassen wrote:

Happy New Year from The Holography eGroup. We welcome you to join the new Holography eGroup. The Holography eGroup / Chat group was established on 23th Dec 2000. We started this egroup because we find eGroups is a nice way to communicate. It is kind of private and public in one time. It is mostly the same people you talk to but new ones go in and out all the time. We think that a egroup have to have a certain size to be interesting. Therefor we would be happy if you told your holography friends about the holography yahooeGroup too. At this time we are getting closer to 100 members - You can help us getting there. It would be a god idea to open a special email adress for this group (at fx. www.hotmail.com). Then if it gets bigger you do not have to search for your normal emails. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/holography is the main page adress of the holography. Form here you can Subscribe and use alot of features. But too become a full member of this group you should Clik on "Register" up in the right corner and fill out the form. Then you can sign in with a Yahoo ID profile, and people can see who you are, if you are online etc. If you have signed In you can not only post messages, but you can now create bookmarks, share files, see member profiles, chat online etc. Here are the adresses: Post message: holography@yahoogroups.com Subscribe: holography-subscribe@yahoogroups.com Unsubscribe: holography-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com List owner: webmaster@holosign.dk URL to this page: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/holography We hope that you and your friends will enjoy this group.. Best regards the Webmaster. If you have any questions, find a broken link ect. Then mail the moderator of this eGroup info@holosign.dk


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