1st hologram

On: Tue, Jan 08, 02 02:27:29 AM

Jean Dufrasne wrote:

Hello everybody ! This night, I have shooted my first hologram :-) My first attempt is a success :-) I can believe it ! During the plate dried, the hologram appaer slowly and I was very excited :-) Maybe it is childish but I want to share my joy with you :-) My safelight is not safe at all. I test it before (unmask several parts of a plate each minutes) and I discover that all the plate was exposed :-( So for my hologram, I placed the plate, shooted and developed in complety darkness and it's worked perfectly (except a little double reflection) I want to thank all holography enthousiasts who have made web sites where beginner can get documentations and how-to before trying by their self. Thanks to Frank, I discover that we can make holography with laser pointer. Thanks to Intergraf for my Holokit. Thanks to all who share their knowledges. Now I go to sleep and dream to my futures holograms :-D Bye all. Jean


Colin Kaminski - Tue, Jan 08, 02 11:01:23 PM

Yeah! Now the search for models begins!

Eric - Sun, Dec 15, 02 02:11:27 AM

I need help. I need someone to make a hologram for me. a security hologram really simple. email me: rolexgenius@lycos.com

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