Holographic lens

On: Sun, Jan 13, 02 06:04:14 PM

Jean Dufrasne wrote:

Hello, Does someone already try to build an holographic lens ? I read in a book that this kind of hologram can replace a lot of optical layout like beam splitter, concave mirror (make parallel beam),... Is it what we call HOE (Holographic Optical Element) ? What are the advantages and disadvantages of that kind of 'optical item' ? Can I make a multi-lenses hologram (focal length, convex, concave) with only one lens when record the hologram and play with the restitution beam (angle, distance,...) ? Or maybe someone has good links about this technique. I know this question is maybe not clear enough. I can send the scanned page of the book if someone need more explaintations. In french, unfortunaly :-O Thanks in advance. Jean D.


Colin Kaminski - Wed, Jan 23, 02 11:14:26 PM

I have been studying HOE's for about 9 months. I would recommend making a HOE of a lens or a mirror before trying to make a HOE of a lens system. The main disadvantages to HOEs are the lack of efficiency. If you make a lens much of the replay beam goes through un- obstructed. This can be used as additional object illumination of you plan things well. Look into SHSG for processing as it yields the lowes noise results.

Thilo K. - Mon, Feb 11, 02 04:53:28 PM

Hello Colin. Having read some messages written by you, a question rose slowly inside my brain: Where the hell did he get that knowledge ? ;) Are you a professional holographer or is your job connected with lasers in another field ?

pio Diaz Valdez - Wed, Nov 27, 02 08:28:44 PM

im living in denmark where i have a gallery for contemporary art, im trying to bild an interactive hoe if you have information we can shere panorama2000@ hotmail.com thaks

Helpful Person - Mon, Dec 23, 02 09:29:47 AM

You cannot replace a complete lens system with a single holographic element. Your reconstruction reconstructs any lens system for a single point in the object field. Whatever you do, you have just a single surface to bend the light. However, there are many advantages for using holograms to replace simple collimating devices. For monochromatic imaging they should be cheaper and better performing than mirrors. (Reflection holograms are easier to make with high efficiency.) As far as I know, these advantages have not yet been used. The reason is that there are very few companies that can make quality elements and hence the method has got a bad name in the industry.

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