For Sale: Best of 10 laser pointer.

On: Mon, Jan 14, 02 07:01:33 AM

Jim McPherson wrote:

Hi, I have an application for LOTS of the $7.99 laser pointers that are featured on this site. The power of the individual lasers doesn't make any difference in my project. So in order to offset the cost of buying all of these pointers I will sell the "Cream of the Crop" pointers. What I will do is measure the output from 10 laser pointers (how many I order at a time), I will then choose the one with the highest output and sell it for $20.00 and free shipping. These pointers are listed as 3- 5mw Class IIIa, at 650nm. I will make a list of each of my readings (VOM with photovoltaic cell) from the 10 and included that if wanted. If your interested email me at, or post here. -Jim


- Sun, Jan 27, 02 11:45:29 PM

Why would one spend $20 for a "cream of the crop" laser pointer, when one could purchase a laser pointer for $1.99? Boggles the mind. Good Luck though

Jim McPherson - Mon, Jan 28, 02 09:58:07 PM

Thanks smart guy. The $1.99 laser pointers are totally worthless Class II devices. These are class IIIa, and much better than the ebay cheapies. In fact the last "crop" yeilded an 11mW laser at 645nm, not bad for $20.00.

Jim McPherson - Tue, Jan 29, 02 05:39:27 PM

Thanks everybody, I don't need anymore lasers for my project so I can no longer offer the "best of" laser. If this thread could be closed I'd appreciate it.

egfu - Mon, Jan 13, 03 05:04:09 PM

I already knew that

eelonyt - Mon, Jan 13, 03 05:05:30 PM

I already knew that

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