Holography Schools

On: Thu, Jan 31, 02 05:47:51 PM

Mariana wrote:

Does anyone know what happened to the San Francisco Holography School? and to the New York Holography School? Does anyone know about another holography school that is actually working? I think there should be more schools or a least a school where one could learn all the different holographic techniques: reflexion, transmition, rainbows, 3Ds, dichromates, integrams, multiplex, stereograms, theory, etc., cause it is taking me forever to learn only the basics on my own.


Colin Kaminski - Thu, Jan 31, 02 10:42:25 PM

I believe Dr Jeong still teaches a class in holography for the public. I will post when I find out more. The San Francisco Holography School is disbanded. It is too bad. From what I have been able to find out all of the principals have spread out across the world. I used to know some of them but that was many years ago and before I could afford a laser.

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