50mW Modules for sale.

On: Fri, Feb 08, 02 05:58:53 PM

JDM wrote:

I've got a couple of 50mW 660nM laser modules for sale. One has a heatsink, the other does not. Both have less than 1 hour of time on them. I'd like $190 for the one with the heatsink, and $180 for the one without it. Post here if interested and I'll email you. -JD


Tom B. - Sun, Feb 10, 02 03:21:59 AM

Please supply more detail, such as laser module manufacturer and part number, or at least the laser diode mfr. and part no. Or some evidence that this is not a multimode diode that is unsuitable for holography, as is often the case in this power range.

JDM - Sun, Feb 10, 02 08:45:18 AM

Sure: It's a panasonic LNCQ05PS diode, which is 50mW single mode. It iw being run on an APC power supply that is fully adjustable for laser diode current as well as photodiode feedback current. It is housed in a 10mm housing and the diode is mated to its housing with indium foil and indium solder (very low temp) for maximum heat transfer. Runs on 3.5-6volts DC, well filtered. If you need anymore info just let me know. -JD

Tom B. - Tue, Feb 12, 02 01:40:16 AM

Sorry if I seemed a bit curt - has anyone reported success in making holograms with this diode?

JDM - Tue, Feb 12, 02 06:40:08 AM

I'm fairly certain that this is the same diode used in the Samuri II laser system. I don't think there is another 50mW 660nM diode made. -JD

Dooley - Tue, Feb 12, 02 10:28:50 AM

I have succesfully made holograms with this diode in combination with the D&S driver.

Thilo K. - Wed, Feb 13, 02 06:56:40 AM

A 50mW Laser seems to be very bright. Assuming the use of a 4x5 film, could one use the diode as a pulsed laser system ?

Kris Meerlo - Wed, Feb 13, 02 09:12:16 AM

Look at my site, I use a 50mWatt laserdiode with very good results. www.holography.nl

Thilo K. - Wed, Feb 13, 02 09:55:47 AM

To Kris Meerlo: please convert all big photos on your hp into small thumbnails, which link to the big ones.

- Wed, Feb 13, 02 02:04:21 PM

Kris is this 50mW diode that you use for the holograms on your site the panisonic diode or some other company's diode?

Colin - Wed, Feb 13, 02 11:04:17 PM

Thilo, Think watts for pulsed systems.

Thilo K. - Fri, Feb 15, 02 04:43:58 AM

Colin, Im using a metaphor. Of course, a diode will never be a pulsed laser; but exposing a quite small film to very bright laser light acts as if youre exposing a bigger film to a pulsed laser.

Kris - Fri, Feb 15, 02 05:02:37 AM

Hello Thilo, I don't know what kind of diode I have ( Brand ) It is a module including ( of course ), driver and optics.HB komponente in Germany ( HB 650/50 ) I made superb holograms with it, very deep and bright. Yes I know, to download my homepage takes time, in the near future I make a new one with thumbnails

Colin - Fri, Feb 15, 02 12:23:51 PM

It is also important to know how short of a pulse you need. If the object is moving very slowly you can use a longer pulse. If it is a turbine blade in a jet engine the pulse must be shorter. If you look at slavich.com there is enough information to calculate how much energy is needed. For very short pulses it is common to latensify the film. I will be glad when the pulses I need are short enough to make a electronic timer. Right now I use a black card.

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