St Valentine Day

On: Thu, Feb 14, 02 12:18:23 PM

Jean wrote:

For the non-single holographers. Please, today, have a thought for the person who shares your life but not necessary your passions. I can say that because since I start holography, I become obsess about it :) So, today, make a day without holography but with a lot of attention (and love) to your 'other-part'. Good night :) Jean


holoboy - Thu, Feb 14, 02 06:59:51 PM

wow, you sound a little guilty! LOL you better get out of the basment and go get some flowers!!LOL

Jean - Thu, Feb 14, 02 07:05:42 PM

Yes, I stay too long time in my labo :) But for her valentine's day present, I've made a 'special' hologram :-D for her (no more words about it :) ) Of course, I ordered flowers on Internet :-) Bye.

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