Buying QTY of Sharp IR3C07 driver chips

On: Fri, Feb 22, 02 10:39:10 AM

David Asp wrote:

I found a place to purchase the Sharp IR3C07 IC driver chip that is needed for making a D&S Kit. I have to buy a Qty of 50 pieces minimum order. Would anyone be interested in purchasing some of these. I plan on trying to help fellow holographers by providing an alternative to buying the D&S Laser kit since I ordered it from Frank and never received it. This way others will not feel as frustrated as I am.


Dooley - Fri, Feb 22, 02 01:54:47 PM

I would be interested in buying a few look forward to seeing a price and more details.

David Asp - Fri, Feb 22, 02 05:12:09 PM

Sharp IR3C07 IC Driver Chip 50pcs $3.75/ea D/C 1996 new/unused del: 3-4 days The Min order is 50 so I thought if I found a few fellow holographers interested I could buy them and others could get them at my cost. I am doing this because I have a 50mW diode but no driver kit to use it. I ordered a kit but Frank does not respond to my email. send questions to:

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