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On: Sat, Mar 23, 02 11:39:02 AM

Frank DeFreitas wrote:

Hello everyone. I just went through the forum changing code over to the new IP address. Each one of the threads had to have the new code inserted. I have moved the most current threads to a new archive -- which you can find at the bottom of the main index page (it is called "archive 5"). The rest of the hundreds of posts will each have to be changed by hand . . . you can still read them, but posting to them will give an error message until the IP address is changed in the code of each thread (which may or may not happen since they're so dated now anyway). The NEW archive (archive 5) CAN be responded to, and I did not remove any threads. I believe there were 126 total, which are now in archive 5. Enjoy the forum. I'm back after spending slightly over three weeks on the road working. It's good to be back and I'm looking forward to getting myself back into the swing of things, including a few new and updated holotalks and portrait updates. As for D&S lasers, I have a part-time, after-school person starting on Monday, April 1st to help me get, and keep, things up-to-date and more "organized" -- and to compensate for time constraints and work travel. My apologies to the holographic community for the mess that became of that re: orders being shipped so late, etc. I haven't given up on improving my OWN organizational skills -- but, in the meantime, I'm realizing it's probably best to pay someone else for theirs. Have a good Spring. Frank DeFreitas


Frank - Sat, Mar 23, 02 11:53:40 AM

Testing the reply feature.

Colin Kaminski - Sat, Mar 23, 02 02:47:49 PM

Frank, Thank you for fixing the forum. I was startng to get the shakes with out it. ~:-o The old forum has only ben reference for a long time any way. Welcome home!

John K - Sun, Mar 24, 02 11:55:45 PM

Thanks for fixing the forum Frank, I don't post often, but I check this list every day for information and tips.

- Sun, Apr 14, 02 11:54:51 AM

date test - actual May 14/02 11:58 EST

test - Fri, Jun 07, 02 11:12:42 PM


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