Wave Plate

On: Sun, Mar 24, 02 03:39:12 PM

Colin Kaminski wrote:

This summer I would like to add a wave plate to my bench. I was wondering if anyone could recommend one? Has anyone tried to cleave mica themselves? Thank you.


Jeff Schneider - Mon, Mar 25, 02 05:48:30 PM

Check out T. Kallard "EXPLORING LASER LIGHT" OPTOSONIC PRESS 1977 - pages 90-93.Many common plastics such as cellophane, certain scotch tape etc. will exhibit bifringence - check them between crossed polarizers.Mica cleaves very easy using a blade or even a fingernail.The best ones are made of optical grade quartz.

Colin - Tue, Mar 26, 02 12:15:29 AM

Thank you!

Colin - Sun, Mar 31, 02 12:03:03 AM

What is the difference between a "zero order" and a "multiple order" wave plate?

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