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On: Tue, Apr 02, 02 10:20:15 AM

Dooley wrote:

Is anyone using JD-4 developer yet? I have found that it lives up to its claim in that it sensitizes pfg-03 to the point that I am using the same exposure times for pfg-01 and pfg-03. I am just curious as to others experience with the developer.


Colin Kaminski - Tue, Apr 02, 02 11:28:41 AM

I got a e-mail form Bernadette at Laser Reflections. It was her experience that it did not help much with PFG-01. I am very excited to try with PFG-03 but I have not had the time.

RA - Mon, Apr 08, 02 07:47:12 AM


Riley Aumiller - Mon, Apr 08, 02 08:15:16 PM

In case there is any confusion, the JD-4, aka JARB developer, is NOT intended to be used with PFG-01. Your results will be BAD if it used with PFG-01. It is ONLY meant to be used with PFG-03M. You will also find that JARB will give good images over a wide range of exposure times. Also, if need be, the developer will still work even if highly dilluted. I'm glad to hear that others are using and taking advantage of this new developing process. (I helped create the developer at Lake Forest College with Dr. Tung H. Jeong and Raymond Ro.) -Riley Aumiller (aumilrw@lfc.edu)

Colin - Wed, Apr 10, 02 12:24:50 AM

Riley, Is there a prefered temperature that JD-4 works well in? Any advice on it's use (I have read the paper)? Thank you, Colin

Dooley - Thu, Apr 11, 02 02:10:53 AM

I have used the dev. in a very cold basement as well as a fairly warm basement. Both resulted in good holos although the warm basement sped up my dev. time. in the cold it was about 1-3 min. to get desired density and in the warmth it was more like 30 sec. to 1 min. I was skeptical at first but now I am sold.

Colin - Thu, Apr 11, 02 03:41:20 AM

Tom, That is good news. How do you measure density? I have always done it by using clear developing trays and looking through the plate at a distant safelight. It is not very accurate however. Thank you.

Tom B. - Fri, Apr 12, 02 03:32:17 AM

Is printout (i.e. progressive darkening of the bleached hologram with exposure to light) a potential problem when using the JD-4 bleach with PFG-03? Bjelkhagen's "Silver Halide Recording Materials .." book doesn't have much to say about copper sulfate bleach except that the results are printout-sensitive.

Martin Mueller - Fri, Apr 12, 02 06:13:39 AM

The difficulty with copper sulfate and EDTA bleaches very likely relates to their inability to destroy the sensitizing dye. So adding a second bleach bath formed by a stronger oxidizing agent (permanganate, dichromate etc.) might be a good idea.

Dooley - Fri, Apr 12, 02 09:35:15 AM

I am somewhat worried about the printout effect. I usualy test by puting clear holos in the sun for some hours and see how dark they get. I have found that the jd-4 developed holos do get progresively darker, but do not destroy the holo. Archival quality is questionable. Is there any solution to reduce the printout effect without another bleach bath?

Martin - Fri, Apr 12, 02 01:31:00 PM

...what comes to my mind is a 2% KJ bath...

Colin - Fri, Apr 12, 02 11:43:57 PM

As JD-4 developed holograms darken from print-out does the grain size get smaller?

Tom B. - Thu, Apr 18, 02 02:30:25 AM

A paraphrased summary of some of Bjelkhagen's SHRM (2nd ed.) statements on printout, my comments in parenthesis: - Printout is not always a bad thing. Though there is some loss of diffraction efficiency from increased absorption, the absorption also reduces scattering noise and can sometimes actually improve overall image quality; printout is sometimes deliberately induced for this purpose. - In high resolution materials, printout reaches a maximum, then stops. i.e. the process is self-limiting. (But the question is how dark does it finally get?) - Very thorough washing is recommended to prevent printout. Phillips recommends a final rinse in 1% acetic acid. (White vinegar is 4% acetic acid). This dissolves any remaining sensitizers in the emulsion and the weak acid environment helps inhibit printout. (maybe partly by acting as a stop bath for any remaining developer?) I'll be trying some PFG-03 and JD4 in the next few weeks and will see how things go.

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