ThermoElectric cooling

On: Fri, Apr 12, 02 01:46:46 PM

David Asp wrote:

Has anyone worked with ThermoElectric cooling to provide better stabliization.


Colin Kaminski - Tue, Apr 16, 02 01:13:02 PM

Yes, I have a convection cooled TEC based thermal managment system for 1/4" diode housings.

Colin - Sat, Apr 20, 02 04:45:58 PM

I spent about three hours yesterday tunning my controller. I have been able to hold temperatures within +- .02 degrees C. This is stable enough to stay inbetween modes on the Mitsubishi diode with the D&S laser. I think I can improve performance with further adjustments. When I have finnished I will post the circuit and the mechanical assembly.

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