Index matching fluid

On: Thu, May 09, 02 01:57:05 PM

E.K. wrote:

Under the web page: is the "35mw diode test" where "index matching fluid" was NOT used. My questions are what is this fluid (made of what?) and why is it (sometimes) necessary? thanks, E.K.


Colin Kaminski - Thu, May 09, 02 09:28:32 PM

If you look back in the older posts there is a long thread covering the things people use and the methods. I seem to remember a long post from Jonathan H. covering a good method. Frank has sorted out a method to not use it and it is posted there as well. It's purpose is to stop the reflection from the interface between the back of the film and the film holder. This can cause a reflection that makes a "wood grain" pattern in the hologram. The most commen problem is to have dust land on the holder before you can get the film down. This causes little "fish eyes" in the hologram.

Colin - Thu, May 09, 02 11:36:27 PM

I didn't read all the way through to make sure but I think this is the thread:

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