need informations !

On: Tue, Jun 04, 02 05:22:49 AM

Pierre ( I'm french...) wrote:

Hello every body , Iwrite you from Franceso excuse my english. If someone hear my call,I need informations about materials we use for holographic experiences .Soon I have to give back a little test to my teachers about good and bad differences there are between several elements of materials. So if one of us can help me by giving a list of informations, I will thank him. By , Pierre.


Colin Kaminski - Tue, Jun 04, 02 01:33:57 PM

Welcome! How is France tis time of year? Here is a link to a french discussion group you can try as well. Some of the best holographers are in France. A new 3-color silver halide film is being produced there called Ultimate. I use a red sensitive silver-halide film from Russia. I have also designed embossed holograms like the ones you see on packages like videos. Also you will find photopolymers. Those are the three types I have seen in person. There are others. Silver-halide - Cost:High - Depth:great - Easy in small #s Photo-polymer - Cost:medium - Depth:good - Can't buy film embossed - Cost:low - Depth:poor - must do large numbers

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