Forum is Fixed (AGAIN)

On: Wed, Sep 18, 02 08:13:40 PM

Frank DeFreitas wrote:

As you can see, the holography forum is fixed once again. A new T3 line required new IP addresses -- so all of the archives will have to be recoded once again as well (if at all at this point). <p> Anyway, for whomever still remains after it being down, enjoy once again. <p> Remember, just "keep it clean" and on-topic. <p> Best wishes to all, Frank


Bill Pugh - Wed, Sep 18, 02 09:34:10 PM

Frank, As always....I can get enough of this stuff. Thanks for more of it.

Colin Kaminski - Wed, Sep 18, 02 10:35:52 PM

Hi Frank! Thank you for fixing the forum. I think the past posts are very valuable. I would gladly help convert them to the new IP address if I can be of help. My mail box is only 5mb but if you e-mail them to me in batches I will correct them and mail them back. You could zip them and send them as one attachment. Just a thought. I still look up old things all of the time. The archives are one of the best features of the internet for holographers. Cheers!

Frank - Thu, Sep 19, 02 04:10:53 PM

Hi Colin (and Bill) . . . geez, there are 175 original archive threads - - that's a LOT of coding for you! In any case, since I'm somewhat of a pack-rat, I still have the old index to the forum which contains the archive thread links. I'll paste that to the bottom of this new index page later tonight. In the meantime, here's the URL for the old index page: Everyone can still read them, but I'm not sure that the IP address will point to the new server for any additional replies. That's what would have to be recoded on each page. Maybe a batch process of some sort would be the route -- at least better than opening, changing the code, and resaving file-by-file. Maybe I'll brew a pot of first-flush darjeeling tea, tamper a bowl of aged Virginian in the briar, pop in an early John Coltrane CD and take a stab at it one night. I'll be all set, as they say. Frank

Colin - Thu, Sep 19, 02 11:41:51 PM

Thank you Frank! If you would like I'll send you a bottle of my homebrewed Sake' for your troubles. :-)

Frank - Fri, Sep 20, 02 09:53:04 AM

I placed a link to the Network54 Holography Forum at the top of the splash page here. Frank

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