Green laser pointer and photopolymers?

On: Thu, Oct 03, 02 01:34:40 PM

Spectra wrote:

Has anyone tried to shoot holograms using a green laser pointer (5mw, 532nm w/constant a wavelength)onto Dupont Omnidex 706 film (photopolymer)? What was the results? e- mail me at,


Lon Moore - Thu, Oct 24, 02 06:01:53 PM

I use 5W of 532 and frequently go 60-90sec for a basic transmission 8x10. I don't think 5mw is enough to let the photopolymer know you're there.

A. Barr - Thu, Nov 07, 02 03:59:49 PM

Lon Moore, I saw that you use 5W of 532. What laser(type and name of company) do you use to get this power? Is it continuous or pulsed? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Aaron Barr

Hiram Glass - Fri, Dec 06, 02 12:42:02 PM

Aaron Barr, Trying going to the website laser.htm. This is the Information Unlimited website. It also sells industial class 4 high power lasers. Have fun Hiram.

Hiram Glass - Fri, Dec 06, 02 12:45:19 PM

P.S. The beem at 532nm is continuous at 5mw. They also have high power ones at the same wavelength

chris - Fri, Dec 27, 02 11:52:41 PM

as i work for dupont, i can tell you with assurity that pointing a 5mw laser pointer at a piece of photopolymer paper will have no effect, regardless of using 706 or any other film. for lon and hyrum, have you tried using any other frequency than 532nm? if so, which and what were the results? :)chris mccabe

Jack Figgis - Tue, Jan 14, 03 08:24:38 PM

where do you get the polymer from ? They are not supposed to be selling the stuff. Jacko

Colin Kaminski - Wed, Jan 15, 03 05:11:08 AM

It is pretty easily made I am told. Jeff Blythe has a good recipie. I am not sure if it is on his web site. Jon Dark gave some useful hints into making it in some posts to the yahoo holography forum. Lon is a licenced Dupont photopolymer user.

Ben Ruedlinger - Sat, Jan 25, 03 03:39:01 PM

I am a researcher at MIT investigating holographic interconnects for computers. We have been using a Polaroid photopolymer (now Aprilis I think) with pretty decent results. We have tried to get information (specs and pricing) on the Dupont material without much luck. Any information on the Dupont photopolymer would be much appreciated. Thanks, Ben Ruedlinger

Colin Kaminski - Mon, Jan 27, 03 02:39:51 AM

I don't really follow photopolymer but I did hear at SPIE '03 that Dupont is no longer offering their photopolymer to the public because of an exclusive security agreement with the German government.

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