Permanence of Holograms/ identification

On: Thu, Nov 21, 02 12:39:15 PM

Laura wrote:

HI! I am an art conservation student researching holography. i have heard that silver halide holograms can fade and i do not comprehend how this could be, - if the final image is made of silver halide it could print out, darkening- but could it really fade? is something else occurring in the surrounding binder that would lower the refractive index and decrease vibrancy/ resolution? Is the image composed mainly of silver halide, or silver metal? also i would like to hear anyone's experience with other signs of deterioration. One more thing - I have seen only a few holograms and wonder if there is a visible way to tell the difference between a silver halide hologram and a dichromated gelatin hologram. Thanks for any responses to above questions! laura


Joe - Mon, Nov 25, 02 02:34:53 PM

Hi Laura, I responded to your question on the Network54 forum.

John - Sun, Dec 01, 02 07:30:20 PM

Could you please post it here Joe or give us the URL Thanks

John - Sun, Dec 01, 02 07:31:32 PM

Sorry Joe just found it at the top of the page.

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