Help with science fair project

On: Thu, Nov 21, 02 08:52:15 PM

Brian wrote:

I need to know how to properly protect my laser for my science fair project because i'm doing a hologram.


Colin Kaminski - Mon, Nov 25, 02 03:44:52 PM

What kind and power of laser are you using? Are you trying to keep the laser from being damaged or trying to keep the visitors eyes from being damaged?

Dayranis - Wed, Jan 15, 03 09:32:16 AM

I need to know how to make an experiment on how you could protect your eyes from contacts lenses or anything.

Mercede Esparza - Wed, Jan 22, 03 04:01:59 PM

what popcorn pops the most kernels?

charese - Wed, Jan 29, 03 04:06:35 PM

can you tell the gender by looking at peoples eyes?

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