Help needed with science fair project

On: Thu, Nov 21, 02 08:54:28 PM

Brian wrote:

I need to know how to properly protect my laser for my science fair project because i'm doing a hologram.


Ton Sijm - Mon, Dec 09, 02 08:49:38 AM

Please give a bit more information. What laser do you use, do you want to protect people against your laser or your laser against people?

christine - Fri, Dec 27, 02 12:37:34 PM

I need help finding out what i can make my thin layer chromatography plat out of can anyone help?

Ermias Regassa - Sun, Jan 19, 03 03:09:28 PM

I'm dong a science fair project about electricity. (Electric Conductor). I'm almost half was through,but I still need some help. Please tell me anyting you know about electric conductor via my email address at Thank you

Daniela - Mon, Jan 20, 03 06:12:43 PM

I really need help with my science fair project. I need to find a way how to make plants grow with a very small amount of water.I have looked everywhere and Ican't find anything that might help me. I only have a small amount of time till my project is due.Help!!!

Ayanna Govan - Tue, Jan 28, 03 10:21:00 AM

where can you get help on an electricity report?

david huerta - Fri, Jan 31, 03 04:04:25 PM

i dont know what science project to do iam in 8th garade and a science project not to expesive

Moni - Wed, Feb 05, 03 04:34:02 PM

I need help figuring out how to do my science fair project "How does music efftect your pulse" any help?

Monique - Thu, Feb 13, 03 06:09:52 PM

I need help with my project it has to be turned in tommorow and i don't know what to do can you help?please.

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