On: Sat, Dec 07, 02 01:15:13 PM

holof wrote:

Where can I see hologram (reflexion) made on PFG1 plate. I have a doubt, because of the size grain (40nm)... Thank.


Ben Ruedlinger - Thu, Jan 30, 03 01:15:16 AM

I have used the Slavich PFG-01 emulsion to record holograms in the past. It does indeed work. The reflection holograms produced are reasonable. PFG-01 is a good emulsion for a beginner because it is very easy to process and it is relatively cheap. I have used the PFG-01 to test writing geometries and once perfected, moved to PFG-03(C or M) or photopolymer (much more expensive). Hope this helps. Ben Ruedlinger MIT Ph.D. Candidate

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