Dupont photopolymer

On: Thu, Jan 30, 03 01:09:43 AM

Ben Ruedlinger wrote:

I am a researcher at MIT investigating holographic interconnects for computers. We have been using a Polaroid photopolymer (now Aprilis I think) with pretty decent results. We have tried to get information (specs, pricing, distribution) on the Dupont material without much luck. Any information on the Dupont photopolymer would be much appreciated. Thanks, Ben Ruedlinger


Colin Kaminski - Thu, Jan 30, 03 09:23:50 PM

You might try cross posting to: Lon posts there and works in photopolymer.

Ben Ruedlinger - Thu, Jan 30, 03 09:58:09 PM

Thanks for the info. I will definitely do that!

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