Presensitisation of BB-640 plates

On: Thu, Jan 30, 03 04:14:50 PM

Erin Woodward wrote:

My son is experimenting with holograms for his science fair project. When we received the plates in the mail there were instructions saying that the plates needed to be presensitised. Security holograms used Photo-flo. Display holgrams needed photo-flo and TEA. Is this necessary to do? He is making reflection holograms following the Shoebox method.


Dennis Haver - Mon, Feb 10, 03 03:33:48 PM

My daughter and I have the same question. Please post any feedback that you may have received. Our first attempt did not produce an image so we assume the plates need presensitized. My impression is we need TEA but this is hard tocome by. The plate maker Vinteq does not carry it. Fischer Scientific ( has it but will not sell it to an individual.

Dennis - Wed, Feb 12, 03 03:45:00 PM

Follow-up: From what I could find the presensitization is pretty important and plan on trying it. In my reading I found that TEA is probably needed if the plates seem to have "gone bad". I was having a hard time finding the TEA but just found it available at

Colin Kaminski - Fri, Feb 14, 03 02:31:45 AM

Dennis, I have not used these plates but I would be surprised that you would get no image without TEA. Make sure to warm up the laser and do everything yoou can to keep the room still, no air currents, no motors, no cars driving by. You also might need to change the sexposure times. Good luck,

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