Metal Holograms?

On: Sun, Feb 02, 03 05:57:27 PM

Andy wrote:

Is it possible to etch a hologram directly on metal? It would seem like you could apply a photoresist (like is used to make PCBs) expose it, and develop and etch it, with the resulting hologram left deposited directly on the metal. What do you think? Am I crazy? Andy-


Colin Kaminski - Mon, Feb 03, 03 01:40:20 AM

<What do you think?> It would take some work. Embossed plastic is more common. You would be limited to low diffraction efficiencies. <Am I crazy?> The jury is still out. :-)

Andy - Tue, Feb 04, 03 07:14:49 PM

Hmm.. It would require outstanding resolution in the photo resist and etching, perhaps near the scale of old integrated circuits. I wonder if that technology is available? I just think it would be -so- cool if I could have a hologram on the back of my watch! Now, *that's* engraving. Andy-

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