Rainbow Holograms

On: Tue, Feb 11, 03 03:44:04 PM

Amanda wrote:

I am working on a physics project and I am building a rainbow hologram, i have no idea what i am doing and i was wondering if anyone had any idea of where i could get these materials websites... catalogs.. anything i dont know anything about holography and if anyone would be willing to share their knowledge on the topic of rainbow holograms it would be great.. 1. transfer mirror 2. plate holder 3. refrence mirror 4. spatial filter 5. variable beam spliter 6. first object beam transfer mirror 7. first object beam mirror 8. 50:50 beamsplitter 9. second object beam mirror 10. object lenses


Colin Kaminski - Wed, Feb 12, 03 12:21:58 PM

You have an expensive list. :-) Try www.thorlabs.com and Edmund Industrial Optics for the nice stuff. You will likely make your plate holder. You might find some ideas on my web site on the optics page. www.designerinlight.com

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