On: Mon, Feb 17, 03 10:00:20 PM

jbreal wrote:

I'm looking for information on any animated mid-air holography?I really don't know if this is even possible? I'm looking for some help on finding any information on how this is done( if it is possible), any compainies that produce them, where you can go to school for this kind of information, and (if possible) how much does the materials cost, or ( total cost of the holography. I'm very thankful for any replys on any of these subjects.


Colin Kaminski - Mon, Feb 17, 03 10:30:05 PM

You must be looking into the film to see a hologram! This is a very important concept. Perhaps someday we will sort out a way to make air work as a projection screen but for the foreseeable future you must be looking into the film to see a hologram.

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