Ireland II

Herein shall lie the tale of our (second) trip to Ireland.

On April 26th, 2003 we (Michael & Susan) began our second two week trip to Ireland.  Once again, I (Michael) had my Pilot in hand much of the time (see our Scotland, last Ireland and Jamaica trips for other times) and took notes as often as possible.  We had our digital still and video cameras with us and subsequently took well over 400 stills and seven hours of video (mostly dancing).  We've also got a few movies taken with the still camera (with sound this time) and a few panoramic pictures.

On the pages below, the original notes are in regular text and the additions made since are in bold.  In most cases when you see "I" or "me", it will be Michael writing.

Be warned; the following pages are picture heavy and may take a while to load on a slow connection.

So, without further whatever....  our trip....

Ireland 2003 - Log of Travels
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          April 25

April 26

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(the background image is the Drumcliff high cross)

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